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Brotlos X Schlachter

Open Air! 3 - 5€ AK

Brotlose Kunst X Schlachthof

Can‘t wait to be finally reunited with you. Expect good music, nice drinks and a fat bass under the sun at Schlachtgarten Krefeld.
We‘re inviting the cologne based Gewölbe resident Julian Bomm. Support comes from his good Friend Leon Hagen. Since 2010 they‘re hosting together with Rheinrhytmik off-locations, open air and club events. Before that, part of our Brotlos Crew is heating up the floor.

We‘re more than thrilled to create some unforgettable dancefloor moments with you on Sunday, 4.9. // 3-10 p.m.

come early and safe
3-4 p.m. just 3€
4-5 p.m. just 5€

pre-sale or box office all day long

Einlass unter den dann gültigen Coronabedingungen (Stand 13.4.22)

  • ➔ Keinerlei Auflagen / Kein Test oder Impfnachweis nötig.
  • ➔ Wer sich krank fühlt bleibt bitte zu Hause.

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